New Business Strategy

We help our Clients with strategic planning, working together to develop new business opportunities across markets, products and processes

Marketing and Sales Management

Bespoke strategic consulting in support of all Sales&Marketing activities. Our approach is research-based and holistic in order to enable synergies and real-world integration of our Clients' driving values.


​Outsourcing Service Optimization


We partner with the best 3rd-party provider to implement outosourcing of operational marketing services like: Merchandising, Transfer Order, In-Store Events. Our contribution is focused on research and evalution of 3rd-parti agencies, structuring of competitive bid contracts,training and performances monitoring.


POS Marketing

We implement integrated solutions for FMCG retail including bespoke promotion campaigns, merchandising optimization, price & promotion monitoring, competitors monitoring and analysis of consumer' response.


Value Management

Thanks to the synergies and knowledge sharing made possible via our international network - Global Solutions Group - we can successfully and quickly implement solutions to optimize profiability, competitiveness, optimal pricing and value chian analysis.