We proactively engage in all aspects of the business management challenge including SWOT analysis of internal and external factors, formulating strategic planning guidelines, execution of the strategic plan in line with company strategy and external business environment conditions with a specific focus on new business development. Working with our clients, we constantly evaluate together progess and milestones achieved to date and advise on necessary changes to improve performance and meet stated targets.



We develop and implement marketing and sales strategies with a specific expertise in the FMCG sector. Thanks to our significant experience in the space, we can implement best practice for POS Marketing & Multichannel Sales. For these activities, we also integrate parternships along the whole value chain to drive synergies and optimize investments and achieve ambitious sales targets.



We monitor the growing trend towards outsourcing activities such as marketing, sales, logistics and promotions. We analyze the best opportunities to work with third party providers, and then suggest to our clients the most suitable outsourcing arrangements for each type of activity.



We verify and measure the performance of sales activities through our proprietary Monitoring Information System©, which allows us to measure and analyze sales performance with a high level of granularity on sell out, pricing, promotions, rack space, out of stock for our clients and their competitors. Our proprietary software yields quantitative and qualitative insights to quickly and accurately evaluate sales performance and suggest improvements to increase competitiveness.